Java Climate Model

Welcome to JCM5

Updated 1st June 2005
Experimental Release

Note: this version is not finished, it is put online for testing.
Please give feedback to Ben Matthews

Launch JCM5 using Java Web Start:

Java Web Start starts JCM5 as an application, with an option to use a "safe mode" where my code cannot access your disk.
Webstart will cache JCM5 locally, but should automatically check for updates. (cache may be adjusted via your "Java Control Panel")

Note: JCM5 requires Java 5 (=1.5), it will not work with any older versions.
You can get the JRE for free from Sun at
(Note: for Mac OS 10.4+ (only), Java 5 is available from

An alternative way to start JCM5 is to save these files to your disk:

In this case please come back soon for updates.

If you want to experiment with JCM5 source code, I recommend to install Netbeans4 together with JDK5, (free download from, then ask me about the current project setup.