Opening JCM5: some common issues

JCM5 requires Java 5 or higher

JCM5 will not work with any older versions of java.
Note: Java 5 is the same as J2SE 5.0 or Java version 1.5 (so 1.6 is OK, but 1.4 is not)

The applet below should indicate your Java version:
Your browser won't open the applet - try enabling active content!
If that doesn't work, try (re)installing the Java Runtime Environment before refreshing this page.
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You can download an updated Java Runtime Environment for free
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Java Cache

Java Web Start stores a cache of JCM5 which you can run offline.

Other problems

  • If your web browser disables active content, you must first enable it for these pages (e.g. note yellow bar that pops up at top of IE).
  • A jar file is a type of zip archive, but it should not be unzipped to run JCM.
    Some packaging applications try to unzip any files with extension ".jar" -in this case right-click, choose "open with"...=> "java executable".

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