Java Climate Model

Welcome to JCM5

Updated 28th October 2008
Experimental Release
This version is put online for testing, please check soon for updates
The model should work but the documentation is incomplete / not updated
Please give feedback to Ben Matthews

Launch JCM5 using Java Web Start...

Just click on one of the images below to load and start JCM5
Each points to the same model, with a different initial setup.
The basic case recalls your previous setup


4 plot Setup

Webstart will cache JCM5 locally, so you can use it offline, but should automatically check for updates if you are online.

JCM5 requires Java 5 or above -see problems with starting JCM5?

...Or save JCM jar files

You can instead run JCM5 offline by saving the following files to your disk: The optional jars below add features, they should be in the same directory as JCM5.jar

From Windows or Mac, just click on JCM5.jar to run the model.
In Linux, use the command java -jar JCM5.jar (from the directory containing these files)

In this case, there is no check for updates, so please check this page again soon.

It doesn't work? - see problems with starting JCM5

For experts

To experiment with changing JCM5 source code, it is recommended to install Netbeans5.5 together with JDK6,
(free download from
Then ask me (mail as above) about the current project setup - you will need some extra small files